Our Team

Orbit Software Group is headed up by Marcin Szelag, who has been involved in technology and venture capital for over 15 years.

Prior to founding Orbit, Marcin spent over 10 years in the world of venture capital, and after building a portfolio of various software companies across 3 different funds, he grew frustrated at the VC benchmarks for success. When looking to invest in the next Unicorn, the VC world views any sign of a software company’s slowdown in growth a potential end to their investment. Marcin felt as though there were many good software companies that weren’t given the time or the opportunity to get to the growth they deserved, or often that what was once believed to be a total addressable market of millions or billions may have been tempered down to a niche that wasn’t able to garner further investment.  He started Orbit as a strategy to change the game, and invest in businesses for the long term, giving them the tools they need to grow and succeed in their market.

Scott co-founded Orbit with Marcin as an Initiative within Constellation to build and grow a world class group of software companies, focused on the CEE region.

He has worked for various Constellation Software subsidiaries since his business was acquired by Constellation in 2007.   He is an accomplished and innovative business driver/CEO, with an outstanding record of success leading and building fast-growth B2B software providers in the US, UK & Australia. He is able to combine deep systems knowledge with commercial acuity to identify new market opportunities, translate vision into action plans and maximize ROI and shareholder value.

Karol joined Orbit Software Group as an Associate in order to acquire vertical market software companies. He has 4 years of experience in working with innovative companies for Venture Capital Fund and always had an interest in new technologies.

As part of his previous experience, Karol was responsible for supporting portfolio seedcompanies   in   further   development.   He   had   conducted   many   due   diligence   processes,prepared transaction terms as well as built and implemented business strategies. Karol hasalso been involved in an accelerator program as Incubation Manager.  He’s always lookingfor new opportunities which led him to cooperate with the Orbit team. Karol sees great potential in the CEE market – last decade shows exponential growth of software companiesand financing startups – with Orbit he sees new potential for those businesses, especially forfurther growth by working in a larger group of companies.

Acquiring Vertical Market Software Companies.