What we offer


Orbit Software Group is part of high performing software conglomerate Constellation Software, Inc (CSI), traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol ‘CSU’.  
Constellation is a collection of hundredsof software and technology companies in over 100 different vertical markets.  Our average company size has about 50 team members and our incredibly diversified group is located all over the world. We are proud to say that we acquire businesses and hold onto them forever. We have a strong balance sheet and look at returns over the long term. We invest in both our products and employees, which then enables our customer’s needs to be met by providing them with innovation and opportunities to utilize the latest technological advancements available today.


While our core activity is acquisitions, we don’t have the human capital to place new people into your business to operate it. We want existing teams within the companies we acquire to remain. We find that in small vertical markets, software companies have quality teams that know the inner workings of the business and the market it serves. They are the most valuable asset we can acquire, and we want to carry on the vision and purpose of the founders. We do not seek to take over the day-to-day operations of a company, but instead we rely on the leadership of business managers who have intimate knowledge of their unique markets.  If you’re ready to retire, and want to step away, that’s fine, too, but we will need to work with you to make sure you’ve got a solid team in place.


We are a culture of cultures (and respect), with several rings of culture throughout our organisation. The inner layer of ethos is comprised of the acquired company and its team that share a rich legacy of history with common themes such as technological innovation and fierce client focus, and are often made up of unique and independent people who go way back, and have known one another for years and years. The next layer of culture comes from Orbit, where we share best practices from our portfolio businesses and help them to focus on the metrics and activities that will drive employee engagement and development.

Orbit also provides opportunities to connect and collaborate with hundreds of peer companies and leaders with similar issues and opportunities.  The final layer of culture comes from being part of Constellation Software, comprised of 6 operating groups that also share best practices on Research & Development, Sales & Marketing, Professional Services and Customer Support. The lessons that are shared are invaluable. They fuel our drive to improve every day!


We have heard from many businesses that they get to a certain point (revenue, employees, customers, etc.) but aren’t really sure how to invest in, and build, a sales and marketing machine to really propel them into the next level.

We also hear that business founders and owners seek to gain access to capital for growth but need proven best practices to help drive it successfully. We’ve done it. We own all types of software businesses, including everything from mainframe to Cloud-Native SaaS businesses and those in-between. We own low ticket/high volume and high ticket/low volume software companies as well. If you’ve got a challenge, we can usually connect you with someone who can help in a few clicks.


Growth isn’t only about revenue, as everything else grows when your revenues grow.  Opportunities for you, your team and your customers are created the moment your business becomes part of a larger group.

For you, there is access to hundreds of other business unit leaders who know precisely what your business is up against every day.  They have all had exposure to CSI’s best practices, and there will be plenty of help coming from them to assist you along your journey. Once you get good at mastering one business, you can choose your path, whether it’s to stay focused on your business and market, or expand by way of new initiatives or acquisitions.

For your trusted staff, they will be in an environment that fosters and supports training and development, as well as given opportunities to learn from and share with other professionals in similar roles.

They will have opportunities presented to them from other CSI businesses all over the world. Many of our greatest success stories have risen through the ranks at CSI through multiple roles within multiple businesses.

Finally, great opportunity extends to your customers. With your access to colleagues all around the world, utilizing best practices and methods, your clients will be the real benefactors.  Access to capital, innovation and a worldwide network of software entrepreneurs will surely allow you to accelerate your focus on the ones you work so hard for.

Acquiring Vertical Market Software Companies.