As we’ve shared, we don’t ever sell the businesses we acquire, but what if you want to expand to a new geography or build a new product for your existing customer base… or take your successful products to an ancillary market?

While we love to get our businesses to profitability, we realise that if we grow them, the future profits will grow and grow. And since we don’t ever sell our businesses, we have the time to develop a rapid growth plan with you through Initiatives.

We have a view on growth that is aligned with our acquisition mindset.  If you can provide us with a plan, we can help you to determine the upside opportunities and downside risk to decipher whether an investment in an Initiative is worthwhile. We do initiatives for all sorts of scenarios, but generating organic growth is the result we seek.  Let’s team up and work on them to build and expand your business.

Acquiring Vertical Market Software Companies.