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Education CEE VMS Landscape by Orbit Software Group - sign up and get our report.

At Orbit Software Group, we’ve created a Vertical Market Software for the Education Landscape in the CEE & a Sector Presentation about it! We’ve analysed over 100 vertical companies in the education market. The results of our analysis are included in this presentation, where you will discover insights about the education sector and find out more about Orbit Sotware Group and Constellation Software Inc.

Thanks again for valuable comments from Łukasz - Innova Capital & Marcin - Aventis Capital. We welcome any feedback! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


Research companies are predicting growth of remote learning market from $88.33 BN in 2020 to $180.19 BN in 2026 (CAGR 12.62%)

PlatinumEquity’sannouncedacquisitionof McGraw-Hill-purchasepriceof approximately $4.5billion,

One of the biggest education software deals in H1 2021

2U announced acquisition of edX- purchasepriceofapproximately $0.8 billion.

Memorable M&A transaction:

Remote Learning Market is growing

Acquiring Vertical Market Software Companies.