Orbit Software Group is a subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc., which was formed more than 25 years ago with a very simple premise:  There are thousands of great software companies that were created to serve specific markets or regional nuances, but whose niche products are intended to reach a small base of hundreds or thousands of potential clients, not hundreds of thousands or millions.

Along with that premise, we believe that small teams are powerful in their ability to be nimble and innovative without the shackles of large corporate bureaucracy. While Constellation may seem like a large corporation, it is in fact, a collection of hundreds of small to medium sized software companies, lead by a head office of under 20 people.

At our core, the Orbit Software Group acquires software businesses. Once we own them, we enhance them with best practices we have developed, adding to our skill set with each new acquisition. We never sell the software companies we acquire.  What do we look for? We seek great people, innovative technology, and niche markets, and then optimize businesses with the best practices we have garnered over the years.

Why don’t we sell our software companies?  We believe that great software with deep functionality takes time to build, and even longer to penetrate a customer base. Most of our businesses have iterated their products over and over again, garnering feedback from their clients over many years.  To sell a business we’ve acquired within a 5 year time window would be a mistake, so we instead give each business the time they need to evolve their products and services, and use that time to really reap the results of our investments.

Acquiring Vertical Market Software Companies.